The Ret Ring® is a patented tool accessory used to attach large impact sockets to the square drive anvil on high-speed impact wrenches.

Trusted by industry leaders as the safety solution for impact wrenches, it replaces a more dangerous two-piece system (separate steel pin and neoprene o-ring). The two-piece system has been known to eject the steel pin, under rotational forces, severely injuring operators of the impact wrenches.

Our new feature, the Resin CRUSH GAUGE,  indicates when a socket is excessively worn and should be replaced.  (*see Fig. 1)  The CRUSH GAUGE is on the rotational edge of the resin insert and will show the mismatch of alignment holes (Fig. 2) occurring due to worn square drive surfaces and socket.  If the CRUSH GAUGE shows compression on it’s raised ridge to the flat surface of the resin insert, (Fig. 3) it will warn the operator to replace the socket.

The Ret Ring® Safety and Design

The Ret Ring® is a one-piece design retainer with a hardened resin insert. It is molded in polyurethane plastic that securely holds the socket in place when operating impact wrenches (that can reach free speeds in excess of 5000 RPM).

The original Ret Ring® was introduced to prevent serious injuries caused by flying or slipping steel pins used with the old two-piece socket retention system for large impact wrenches.

The Ret Ring® is the solution for safer retention of impact sockets which can rotate at speeds up to 5000 RPM.

The Ret Ring®’s new resin pin with CRUSH GAUGE is designed to index in the retention holes on the tool anvil and socket at the correct location to maximize the safe retention of power sockets.

The Ret Ring® Display Board

Ret Ring Display Board comes with 17 wire hangers that can hold up to 15 Ret Rings on each hook for immediate use.

  • The printed RET RING images on the board are the actual size of the Ret Ring so it is easy to match up with your sockets to select proper size Ret Ring to use.
  • It is fabricated of stiff 3/16″ thick fiberboard with a clear lamination on the surface to protect against moisture.
  • A metal grommet on each corner allows easy mounting in a tool room or shop.

The Ret Ring® Patents

The Ret Ring® is covered under United States Patents #4266453, #4583430, #6076436 and #7363840.

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