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The Ret Ring® Interchange

We designed The Ret Ring® With CRUSH GAUGE to fit every impact wrench socket on Earth!

FTL is the exclusive manufacturer for the Crush Gauge Ret Rings worldwide. 

Some of the top tool brands in the USA including Stanley-Proto (Red), J H Williams, Wright Tool Company and Martin Tool carry our patented product. 

Please use the interchange below to find the proper size to fit the groove diameter of the socket ‘A’ with the matching square drive ‘B’.

The Ret Ring® is manufactured in 18 different sizes to fit most Impact Sockets with 3/4”, 1″ and 1 1/2″ square drive openings.

Crush Gauge Interchange

The Interchange gives the different part numbers from various manufacturers that we supply allowing you to select the correct size for your tools. Red and blue Retrings are identical in spec and quality...just different colors.
M10005JRR07520FTL10005CG3/4"1 1/4"6-0X6580
M10032JRR07523FTL10032CG3/4"1 7/16"6-1X6581
M10034JRR07526FTL10034CG3/4"1 5/8"6-2X6582
M18708JRR07528FTL18708CG3/4"1 3/4"6-3X6582A
M18715JRR07534FTL18715CG3/4"2 1/8"6-5X6582B
M18716JRR07536FTL18716CG3/4"2 1/4"6-6X6582D
M10008JRR10028FTL10008CG1"1 3/4"7-1X6583
M10015JRR10034FTL10015CG1"2 1/8"7-3X6584
M10016JRR10036FTL10016CG1"2 1/4"7-4X6585
M10017JRR10040FTL10017CG1"2 1/2"7-4X6586
M10019JRR10042FTL10019CG1"2 5/8"7-5X6587
M10020JRR15046FTL10020CG1 1/2"2 7/8"8-1X84575
M10025JRR15054FTL10025CG1 1/2"3"8-2X84576
M10030JRR15062FTL10030CG1 1/2"3 7/8"8-3X84577

Original Ret Ring interchange

A. Groove Diameter Socket SizeB. For Use on Square DriveNumber on RingFTL #ArmstrongATPCPProtoIR
13/410005SFTL 10005SATP 10005SC155467IR 10005S
1 7/163/410032SFTL 10032S21-964ATP 10032SC15546807500-0IR 10032S
1 5/83/410034SFTL 10034S21-965ATP 10034SC13469007500-1IR 10034S
1 3/43/418708SFTL 18708SATP 18708SC134691
23/418710SFTL 18710SATP 18710SC155585
2 1/83/418715SFTL 18715SATP 18715SC155489
2 1/43/418716SFTL 18716SATP 18716SC155586
1 3/4110008SFTL 10008S21-967ATP 10008SC15547010000-3IR 10008S
2110010SFTL 10010S22-964ATP 10010SC15547110000-1IR 10010S
2 1/8110015SFTL 10015S22-965ATP 10015SC15547210000-2IR 10015S
2 1/4110016SFTL 10016SATP 10016SC13469210000-4
2 1/2110017SFTL 10017SATP 10017SC15547312500-1IR 10017S
2 5/8110019SFTL 10019SATP 10019SC155474IR 10019S
2 7/81 1/210020SFTL 10020S23-964ATP 10020SC13469315000-1IR 10020S
3 3/81 1/210025SFTL 10025SATP 10025SC13469415000-2IR 10025S
3 7/81 1/210030SFTL 10025SATP 10030SC13469515000-3IR 10025S
4 3/81 1/210035SFTL 10035SATP 10035SC13469615000-4IR 10035S